Hi. My name is Jad.

I write for fun on occasion,
produce content for my employers,
and would love to read your work:

1. Big Picture / Developmental Editing

This is the kind of reading where I look at all the elements that shape your text and offer an “edit letter” that covers the big picture of what you’re going for and what I’m picking up. I also provide in-line comments at the “scene” and sentence level. This works for drafts that have gone through many edits, but could also be of some use to you in the early stages. We can talk about what you’d like me to look for, or I can just have at it. Cost: $0.01 USD per word—what a steal.

2. Thick Picture / Sensitivity & Authenticity Reading

This is the kind of reading where I go looking for problematic, offensive, or cliched portrayals of identities, cultures, or experiences that I embody or have some intimate familiarity with. My goal is not to pass judgment, but rather, to ask questions and start a conversation in a supportive space of mutual learning and enrichment. Let’s talk about rates.

So who am I, you ask? I contain multitudes: Lebanese, Arabic-speaker, French-gleaner; first-generation immigrant to the United States, millennial third-culture kid with first-hand experience of war and displacement; cishet male married to a white woman; progressive Christian and former atheist raised Catholic; enneagram 8w9, INFJ-A, Cancer sun, Aquarius moon & rising; interested in cities, art, politics, and spirituality; familiar with the kind of mental un-wellness [sic] we tend to leave out of our résumés.

3. Fine Grain / Copyediting

You know the drill. This is the kind of reading someone else always does better than us. I would be reading for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall consistency in style. Cost: $0.02 USD per word—what a bargain.

4. Outside the Frame / Creative Services

Want to do something more creative? I’d be happy to chat about helping you promote or enhance your work through marketing copy, social media planning, or any other harebrained schemes we might come up with.

Let’s talk. Email me at jad [dot] baaklini [at] gmail [dot] com.

Still curious? You can learn a little bit more about me here.
And here’s a selection of people and orgs I’ve worked with.

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